Kerala in International media during COVID-19


2020 saw the rise of a pandemic named Novel CoronaVirus or COVID 19, that brought the global economy to a standstill and tested the efficiency of the world’s healthcare system. Different countries responded differently to the pandemic by adopting various containment and mitigation methods; by bringing in lockdowns and restrictions like closing schools and markets, […]

Retail post the Pandemic

Change is the only constant, but sometimes a lot can change in a very short span and the last three months have transformed our world in ways than no one could have anticipated as we rang in 2020 with much hope and optimism. The past few years have been tough for the Retail industry across […]

Residential sector in Trivandrum

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons The real estate industry in Kerala, and Trivandrum in particular, has seen phenomenal growth over the past two decades. It played a significant role in boosting Kerala’s economy. This article looks into the current scenario in residential sector in Trivandrum. Real estate sector played a crucial role in changing Trivandrum’s notion […]

Trivandrum’s evolving food culture

If there’s one sector that has remarkably evolved over the years, that would be the Food & Beverage Services (F&B) retail industry. The Indian Restaurants & Food Services Industry has been subjected to phenomenal growth for the past two decades and continues to grow at a rapid and healthy pace.  The CareRatings report on May 2019 […]

Trivandrum’s surging retail growth

Retail segment in India has been subjected to phenomenal change over the past two decades. The retail sector contributes immensely to the country’s economic growth, accounting for over 10% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around 8% of the country’s employment. It records an annual growth of 25-29% each year and the market size […]

Carnivals redefining culture in Trivandrum

Traditional market places and bazaars have made immense contributions to our cultural diversity. Be it the independent spots in the city or at the midst of festivals, markets have always been the centre for economic, cultural and social exchanges. They’ve always been an alternate space for people from their routines-that helped in socializing and building […]

Trivandrum’s world class academy of western music

Trivandrum is known to be a host for many cultural happenings. Be it art, music, culture, everything is celebrated here. If one would take a look at music, for instance, it has an inseparable connection with Trivandrum. Trivandrum ’s musical legacy would date back to the days of Swati Thirunal, the then king of Travancore, […]

Art in times of survival

Trivandrum turns festive throughout the year. Be it religious, cultural or any other, each one has got its own space here. But as December begins, Trivandrum turns out to be the venue for a major celluloid fete every year- the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK). Since its inception in 1996, the International Film Festival of Kerala(IFFK), […]

Trivandrum’s new hub to co-learn and co-work

Work culture has been subjected to great innovations and changes over the years. Conscious and creative efforts have arisen from different zones to revamp the traditional working styles; with a view of making it more productive and social. One could notice a considerable change in working environment over time, as work slowly transcended from conservative […]

Relishing the local flavours of Trivandrum

As the day gets dark, Trivandrum (officially known as Thiruvananthapuram) like any other city, turns much busier and happening; with people flocking towards their homes after busy schedules. These are times when we witness the streets turning out more active with all the major shops, markets, the prominent restaurants and also the fast food chains […]