Who is Taurus?
Taurus is a global owner-operator of both directly managed and joint venture real estate. We service the real estate needs of private clients and institutions worldwide. Since its inception, Taurus has purchased and sold over 20 million square feet of office, industrial, retail, residential and hotel assets. Taurus is widely recognized as a strategic real estate owner-operator specializing in value creation through a mix of development, redevelopment, lease-up and intensive professional management of each individual investment.

How is Taurus unique?
Taurus differentiates itself through its people. Our senior staff combines extensive real estate and finance experience to achieve consistent success throughout economic cycles. With the vision and discipline that only comes from experience, we remain committed to providing the highest quality investment opportunities and services to our investor community worldwide.

In what type of real estate does Taurus invest?
Taurus’ real estate investments include Industrial, Land, Mixed Use Office, Residential and Retail properties.

What is Taurus’ investment approach?
Taurus’ investment philosophy demands a focus on capital preservation with the goal of delivering above-benchmark returns to our investors while tying in compensation closely to performance. To achieve this goal, Taurus (1) actively seeks out real estate investment opportunities where risks can be clearly identified and addressed through an appropriate risk/reward structure; and (2) for each investment, strictly adheres to a business plan that clearly identifies the key action items necessary to create value, which remains flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

How does Taurus invest in real estate?
Taurus has effectively linked the localized real estate product markets with the increasingly global real estate capital markets. Taurus’ investments are conducted through either Club Deals or Funds that utilize an entrepreneurial value creation strategy to substantially improve a given property’s value within the projected holding period, ensuring a future buyer’s willingness to pay a premium for stable long-term cash flows and returns.

What is a Club Deal?
A Club Deal is an ad hoc special purpose investment vehicle formed for a limited group of investors to share a single asset or investment strategy. The investment objectives and holding period are pre-established.